• Site Selection: We are constantly on the lookout for great building locations.  Our primary goal here is to find a site that will offer some kind of privacy.  We love our neighbors, but when we come home, we at times would rather not look directly into their homes from the comfort of our living room.  All of our sites feature some sort of buffer, whether it's in the form of lot depth, trees, water, or a combination of any of these - you'll be in your own little peaceful setting on one of our sites.  That said, if none of our sites fit your needs, we are always ready to build on property that you may already own or are looking into.

  • Financing: We know a number of bankers who can help you with affordable financing.  If you need a bit of help finding the right financing, we've been down that road already and are happy to provide you with several contacts who have demonstrated over time that they deal with integrity and honesty.

  • House plans: We have more than 500 house plans in our plan library that you are welcome to use. If you cannot find a plan that will fit within your needs, as we all have unique needs and desires, we can have our design team modify a plan or combine a combination of plans. Or, if nothing we have really fits the bill, we can custom design a house plan specifically for you, taking ideas from a few plans, books, photos or sketches and together create the perfect design. No matter what your need, we can help you through the process.

  • Interior Design: Most of the pictures of home interiors you see on our site are the result of our interior design work, but once in a while, even we get confused as to just which shade of this goes with which shade of that. That's when we bring in some outside help. If you would like help picking out colors, cabinets, furniture, floor covering, or practically anything else that goes into a home, we've got some of the area's most talented interior designers at your service.

  • Exterior Design: Whether it's getting the landscaping just right and on budget, or figuring out if the gable ends look better with shakes or siding we can help.  We can help you through the landscaping of your lot with one of the best landscape designers in the area.  And if you can't visualize what your home would look like with board & bat, stucco, standard siding, shakes, etc.  we can help with artist renderings of different siding, stone, brick, etc. options.

  • Home Audio / Visual: These days, it's becoming very popular to add a home theatre to the package.  If this is something that interests you, we would be happy to aid you in the design of your own personal home electronics package.  From a basic pre-wire to a full THX certified systems and beyond, We can make it happen. 

  • Personal Attention: Whether you need just a little help, or you'd like us to come with you to meet with any of our designers, or you'd like some help from us selecting anything that goes into your home from siding to floor covering to lighting and beyond, we offer the kind of personal attention and flexibility to make any home building project enjoyable for you.  After all, you are what we are all about.