Traditionally ‘renovating' is defined as restoring a home to its former glory. But, let's face it, while an older home looks great from the curb and has detail and charm that newer homes are missing, they do sometimes lack the modern conveniences and living space we need today.

Today, many prefer to ‘Remodel' or to take their existing home and make it better. When you remodel, you have the opportunity to make your home a better place for you to live in.

Additions & renovations both require that existing interior and exterior home conditions be matched in order for the new work not to look like an "add me on" project. Most builders just can’t get that part right, choose one that can… Premier Home Builders.


The advantages of adding an addition to your home is that you will enjoy more living space, allowing for an expanding family, giving growing teenagers their "space", and freeing up the rest of the home for better organization.

When you renovate your home you are working with the existing home footprint and not adding to the size of your home. Renovations always deal with the existing home structure and usually requires a larger commitment from both the home owner and builder. Many times the owner wishes to keep the home livable during construction which requires an organized construction company to perform the work or else...

Either way, if your home renovation or addition project is handled professionally you are most likely to have a high return on your investment. Our goal at Premier Home Builders is to make your home remodeling experience a positive one.

We view every remodeling project as a distinct opportunity to meet your specific needs. When you choose Premier Home Builders, it doesn't matter if you're keeping the charm of the old, the convenience of new, or using a comfortable blend of the two. Premier Home Builders carpenters are true craftsmen. They are backed by generations of experience and industry leading technology.

We are also known for quality historical preservation & restoration services.